Wildlife Medical Clinic Wish List-Please Donate!



The Wildlife Medical Clinic at the University of Illinois provides an incredible service for area wildlife; supplying medical care to many furry, feathered, and scaled friends that are native to Illinois. Wildlife Medical Clinic helps injured animals, animals suffering from an illness, and animals who are too young to care for themselves without a parent.

This service does need donations so that the humans can be safe and the animals can be properly protected. Here is a list of items that are needed to care for and treat sick, injured and orphaned wildlife:

Digital Scales

Veterinary scale with digital display - Medium - 15-300 kg

Accurate weight monitoring is critical to caring for our patients. 5 additional scales are needed in total.



Safety equipment

Including restraint gloves, nets, and restraint cage, to protect our valuable volunteers from exuberant patients.



Anesthesia monitoring equipment

Burtons | M880B Handheld Capnograph and Pulse Oximeter

This would include stethoscopes, pulse oximeter, capnograph, and ECG monitor, to optimize learning opportunities for students and ensure patient safety.



Adapted patient housing

Wildlife Rehabilitation – CDECages

Help us provide three additional rooms ($6,000 per room) for safe housing for our smallest and most dangerous patients.



Outdoor retreat

Your gift will provide bench seating near the new ambassador residence ($1,400 per bench) for guest seating during ambassador programs



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